The Alchemy of words

“The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.” What a sorcery it is to weave mundane life into elaborate ornamental words. Words soothes broken souls akin to ice on fresh wounds. A doctor heals our injuries with medicines and Dr. Kalpesh heals humanity with the power of his words.

Dr.Kalpesh M Kotecha is a dental surgeon. After completing his graduation from Pune university in the year 1996 ,he started practicing dentistry since 1997.He had undergone several training programs which includes esthetic dentistry, implantology, orthodontics and pediatric dentistry. Currently he is working on micro dentistry since 2001. A writer by passion he found solace in penning down his gibberish thoughts into adorned and dandy words. His passion reached its destination with his first book “Gift Yourself You” which is an attempt to embrace, accept, and energize yourself into building a new version of you. Life was and never will be worth living. It is what you make out of it .The book is a step towards living life to its fullest and making the best use of situations life heaps on us.

Dr.Kalpesh engulfed a dream to change the world with his words and thoughts. When he receives the news that he had accomplished in transforming someone’s life through his creation, it brings utmost satisfaction to him. The very thought that his motivating views have taught someone to fight back and win the strife of life gives him immense pleasure.

Awards and accolades do not perturb him. The dentist turned author aims to be a bestselling writer . He desires to have his message/thoughts reach every nook and corner of the globe and considers that to be his goal. World is beautiful place because some people dare to think differently rather than following the herd. Dentist Kotecha is one such persona who advocates the idea of thinking out of the box and is never afraid of taking risks.

Every person in this planet suffers the pang of failure before rejoicing the fruits of success. Failure solidifies the pillar to success. Criticism and Sarcasm are two locutions that are rubbed against the face of any individual who is in pursuit of success. Self belief and putting in effort to be a happy person makes people resilient towards negativity. If your are keen to let pessimistic thoughts settle under your skin then let it spiral up to your mind and cripple your sanity , then definitely success can be a farfetched and deranged concept for you . Dr Kalpesh preaches the idea of incorporating smile as an important part of daily diet. Abiding by this healthy practice, life could be a bacchanalia of mirth and joy.

A tincture of imperfection could very well tarnish the masterpiece fostered by Dr. Kalpesh . Thus he never lets blemishes fade away the radiance of his craft. The dentist loves challenging imperfections and that is why he shines bright like a swarm of fireflies.

Dr Kaplesh emanates the aura of buoyancy and covets for a better tomorrow. He is in search of a world which is full of happy countenances where people believe in a greater future. He wants people to be headstrong enough to face challenges thrust upon them. Life was never easy and neither was it fair. Its us, individuals who have to juice out the best of all circumstances. Even Dr Kalpesh had to fight the chimeras of his life to reach to the zenith of success and that molded him into to what he is today.

Dr. Kalpesh M Kotecha is currently working on his upcoming delight “Welcoming the New You”. This world needs more of such change makers, who could metamorphose people’s mindset for a healthier and merrier tomorrow.

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