The Healing Power of Words: Dr Kalpesh M Kotecha

John Ruskin said,”When love and passion comes together, expect a masterpiece”. A Masterpiece is something that challenges imperfection much like Dr.Kalpesh who creates and fosters masterpieces with the charisma of words.

A dentist by profession , Dr Kalpesh M Kotecha always focused on gifting a perfect smile to people and his formula to a happy life is: including a charming smile in one’s diet.

Weaving the magic cloak of words has always been an inseparable part of his life. He made it a habit to pen down every gibberish thought that had occurred to him and believes that the best way to channel one’s emotion is to write. This is how he breathes life into bald unadorned words and furnishes them with all the vanity they deserve.

His dexterity as a writer had reached new heights when he indited a book ,”Gift yourself you”. This book contains the secret towards shaping oneself into a phenomenal and headstrong individual. It is all about validating oneself and enjoying the uncertainties that life throws at us.
He dreams to have his message/thoughts reach every nook and corner of the globe and considers that to be his goal.

His profession taught him to heal people with medicines and his passion taught him to heal people with his words.
Today he is considered as one of the leading Motivational Writers in India in a mission to Lead.Ignite.Inspire Community building .

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